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Our Facility

Our facility consists of a 4200 square foot structural steel fabrication shop, a 3500 square foot shop dedicated to fabricating stairs and rails. We also have a 2500 square foot office that consists of all departments for a team of detailers, purchasing, sales and estimating. All fabrications and detailing is done in house on site to produce a product specifically designed for your business needs.

New Jersey Boom & Erectors starts giving you competitive quotes that you can count on and not a random ball park figure. We stand 100% behind our quotes and estimates.

Our detailing department consists of a head detailer and 3 drafting people all working together to put your business dreams into reality. All our drafting is done on the latest high quality program X-Steel by Tekla to give you the best quality drawings.

Project Managers and Foremen work hand in hand to assure that the product is always to the customer’s specifications and nothing less. Project Managers and Field supervisors and all field personnel install the steel in a timely, neat and efficient manner while following all safety guidelines required by law. NJ Boom has a fleet of vehicles consisting of 6 field trucks with welders and all equipment to complete a project.

We pride ourselves in performing quick and efficient work.

Our Staff

Gail Kolb


Gail oversees all office procedures to keep things running smoothly so that the company works in the most efficient manner possible. She has been in the industry for more than 20 yrs; Gail gained insight on running the company more efficiently and effectively. Her expertise lies in managing and overseeing all accounts payables, purchasing, job profitability and loss. Gail oversees all areas of business. As an owner she is well versed in employee relations and maintaining a healthy attitude in all aspects of this company.

Terry Kolb

Director of Operations

Terry has been an ironworker for over 30yrs. He has extensive knowledge of all aspects of the steel industry from bidding, fabrication and erection. Terry is the director of operations which he oversees everything from sales, detailing, fabrications and installations.

Ryan Kolb

Senior Project Manager

Ryan started out as a shop fabricator, moved up to field installer. Ryan was field supervisor in charge of all field installations at NJ Boom. Ryan was moved to senior project manager 2 years ago. He is in charge of keeping and maintaining field schedules. Ryan works closely with customers and the shop workers to ensure timely delivery of all steel. He has his OSHA 30, certified fork lift instructor licensing to ensure all work meets or exceeds OSHA sub part R for erection of steel.

Tom Black

Head Steel Detailer

Tom has a fine eye for detail and is always aware of the accuracy of each drawing. He works on TEKLA and AUTOCAD to guaranteed precise detail in every drawing. Tom strives to ensure all details are accurate and easy to work from. Tom assists the shop and field workers to ease their normal job stresses. In the end results, the details are perfect and the customer is happy.

Elisha Maggio

Office Manager / HR

Elisha has been an integral part of our team for nearly 10 years; working up the ranks in several departments, she has become very knowledgeable in many facets of our operations. With that experience in hand, she now oversees the Administrative Department as Office Manager, as well as all HR and related Payroll functions, in addition to assisting the Controller in day-to-day accounting tasks.

Tim Yetter

Project Manager

Tim plays a tremendous role in the overall project progress. As a detailer he familiar with regulations and guidelines from all aspects of construction. OSHA, minimum bearing limits, and common standards/practices is included in Tim's skill set. Tim can make even the most complex project very feasible for any fabricator. At NJ Boom & Erectors, we let our track record do the boasting.

Nick McCormick

Shop Supervisor

Nick has been with NJ Boom for years. He is extremely familiar with general shop safety and maintenance. He continues to always work in a timely manner. He keeps the shop to all high standards and surpasses all expectations. Nick is responsible for supervising workers and helpers engaged in the construction and fabrication of steel fixtures. An important part of the work includes the design and manufacture of specialized equipment and apparatus needed. Nick’s work also includes maintaining operational equipment and ordering inventory in the NJ Boom shop. Work assignments are received through oral or written instructions. Nick’s work is reviewed while in progress and on completion for compliance with specifications.

Jerry Gladd

Head Estimator

Jerry is responsible for calculating the probable costs of a building. He determines the total costs of projects, their time for completion, and the revenue that is going to be achieved. He works with the manufacturing and construction areas. Jerry, analyzes project plans, and then work with the project supervisor to oversee specific requirements of the job. Jerry performs many of the following tasks…Communicating with vendors and subcontractors. Reviewing drawings, liaising with clients. Preparing work item quantities. Creating cost monitoring processes.

Deidre Halstead


As an experienced Corporate Controller, Deidre joined our team in June of 2015. Notably adept with the facets of the Construction Industry, Deidre has helped us to modify and restructure certain areas within our Accounting and Administration departments. Her skills in financial reporting and analysis, managing cash flow and expenditures, in addition to her cost accounting capabilities has resulted in improvements to our internal controls, stands of efficiency and overall profitability. Deidre's extensive experience in Office Management, Payroll, and Human Resources has also become a significant asset in creating new procedures that translate to a more seamless system of communications and follow-through within each of our departments.

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